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So, I was at Vertex again tonight, playing pool, dancing and basically having an all round good time,
but it finally hit me why I get so freaked out by a girl planting herself in my personal space and never saying
a word. It's because that forces me to either make a pass at her or back off and make her feel like dirt.
For a Gentleman (yes, the Platonic derivation), that is a TOTAL catch 22. Gentlemen DON'T try to "pick up chicks."
That is probably near the top 3 unwritten traits of being a Gentleman. Only "Guys" do that, and "Guys" are annoying pukes
that give the rest of us Y chromosome types a bad rep. At the same time, you don't want to just smile sadly and say
"sorry, not my type" because that HURTS, and Gentlemen don't hit/hurt girls...probably rule number 1 or 2.


If I just stoop to being a Guy for a short period of time, I lose respect for myself, so why should the woman respect me?
Am I just supposed to wave my hand and jedi-mind trick myself into "not trying to pick this girl up" to avoid that?
If she wasn't already in my personal space, I could just treat it like I would making any other new friend, but this....


*friar wonders if he is the only one who ascribes to this bit of morality*
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