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Weird Ass Dream....

Ok, First off, what would you do if you KNEW that REAL Armageddon was only about two weeks away, and
that this is just the normal real world, not some movie?

This question is spurred by a very odd dream I had last night.

First off I was driving around in my mostly new white corevette, thinking "white? why the hell am I driving a White car?
oh well, it must have been cheaper than the rest..." Then somebody in a tiny sports car guns it passes me on the
left and then immediately turns right. That pisses me off...even in dreams. :)

Then I'm in my old Church attending a gathering of our High School youth group. Only there is this new group
leader who nobody has seen before and the room is filled with alot of new games and stuff. One of these
games catches my eye cause it is a Miniatures based wargame like War Hammer, only each of the Armies is
some known army from the Bible and I start to wonder how they based their rules to allow for Acts of God for
the Jewish armies, cause otherwise the game wouldn't be any fun when the Jewish player could always just
revert to playing his Act of God card or whatever and suddenly he wins.

From there, time passes that I don't remember, but the story picks up with me getting a phone call from one of my
current friends whose terrified (normally he is pretty unshakeable). I ask him whats wrong and he says he was
just not believe what we learned during Youth group that day and it was all just a load of bunk until he went to
take a shower. Flames burst out of his faucet instead of water and now he was ready to believe. Up until that
point I was mostly taking the whole thing with a huge grain of salt, but suddenly I KNEW with the absolute certainty
of a dream that the World was gonna end in Armageddon in a few weeks, and the place I was currently enroute
had something to do with it. (other people were with me, but I dont remember who they were). We went inside
to find a stack of books entitled things like "Metaphysics -- Warning untrained readers may have terrible side effects"
And a few bibles with the centers cut out and Tarot cards stuffed into them, dice coated in things I KNEW were
skin absorbed mind altering drugs, etc. Each of these things I knew had to be brought back to the curch and
guarded so that they didn't fall into the wrong hands before the world ended. It was all very weird but I also
knew that it was just the real world and not some movie where demons and undead would attack before dawn.

Then I woke up.
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