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Airplanes, World Trade Centers, Pentagon, Oh My.

God, what a mess.

I am still not sure I know what I am feeling about this.

I will say that I am completely UNSURPRISED that this happened.
Some part of me has been waiting for this scale of operation for years now.
I guess it just seems like the most efficient way to carry out terrorist activity.

And to all those people who say this required massive planning and months of
preperation, I say TOTAL BULLSHIT. This operation could have been put
together by 4 suicidal pilots with clocks, 20 other guys who don't have
enough information to realize where they're headed, a couple of days of
research and enough money to buy the plane tickets.

I don't know...maybe I've just been into Cyberpunk literature and
post-modern society fiction for so long that I just have a more realistic
view-point than most of society.

I will say that interestingly enough, it is now going to be ALOT harder
to hi-jack aircraft. Air travel just got ALOT safer. For instance, it seems
to me that we should have armored cockpits that are completely separate
from the passenger cabins on the aircraft. The pilot and co-pilot would
have their own entrance, bathroom and food service. That immediately
cuts down on terrorist options for taking control of the plane, about the
best they can do from there is either hacking the control systems while
in flight, or just sabotaging/destroying the plane somewhere along
it's flight path.
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