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Long Time, No Post, but...

So, It has been a long time since I've last posted, but I've decided now is the time. I think I'm finally ready to move on from Zendragon and into my next business. I'm still trying to figure out what the next business will be, but I think I've learned all of the lessons that the collapse of Zendragon had to offer. And boy, were there a TON of them. At first, I blamed the Publishers and the economy, then I blamed my partners, then I blamed the economy's collapse, then I blamed myself. All of that contributed some to the problems, but they were FAR deeper than that. Zendragon never had enough planning on the right things. We'd gone very deeply into Zendragon's products, but not Zendragon's business. We had some of the steps laid out, but we never had any plan to generate day to day cash flow. It was all or nothing. Since then, I've learned a ton about business, accounting, marketing, investing, etc. I would recommend everyone reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It may seem simplistic and kinda cheesy, but there is ALOT of really good things to think about in there. Anyway, more later, I need to work some today.
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