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Playing the classics again....Linux+Wine edition

So, I got the urge to see how far Wine has come now that it has achieved a stable "1.0" release.
Just to be perverse, I installed the 1.1.11 development build. :)

Starcraft  --- installs, updates and plays perfect.    dd CD to .iso and mount using -o loop for added diskless joy.

Diablo II  --- installs with a little diskswapping trick, updates and plays perfect (wine "d:\Setup.exe")
                     (mount the CD but start the installer from outside the cdrom path so that you can unmount and switch disks during install)

Warcraft 2 -- Wine can pull up the autorun but I can't get it to install, really old game though, so it would probably take work to install
                       even on a WinXP box.  Probably have to copy a full install over from a Windows machine.

Red Alert -- Installs and runs in Wine's Win98 mode.  I'm amazed at how low rez it is, my memory has much higher detail...wierd.

Red Alert 2 --  Fraking CD copy protection junk screws up the install.  Same thing, copy a full install over from Windows.
                          Strangely, Yuri's revenge will run the installer, but since I don't have a valid install of the base game yet.....

CnC Generals -- No joy, CD copy protection fail yet again...I'm sensing a pattern with EA/Westwood games.... *sigh*
                              (to install, copy both disks to one directory on your hard drive and run wine setup.exe from there)

CnC Renegade -- Installs but won't update using Westwood's download site and doesn't run, yet.  WineHQ says it works with
                                 some 3D graphics stuff turned off, but I haven't futzed with it yet.

CnC3 Tiberium Wars -- no joy.  Winehq says it should work, but it doesn't even install for me.

More games as I find my install disks.
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