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Yup....Its Officially a Trip...

Fiasco strikes with a vengeance!
(I haven't had many trips lately, so its been saving up).

So, the original plan was for Bethany and Aeryn to fly out shortly after the car was
shipped off to a kind friend in Pittsburgh, then I'd pack up the remaining stuff into
the trailer and a few odds and ends into the back of the truck and off I'd go using
the trailer as a home away from home, camper style.

Well, the car shippers took nearly a week longer than expected to even capture the
interest of a trucker able to move it, let alone actually schedule a pickup, so the
girls' flight came and I bid them adieu.

From there I packed the trailer...waiting for the car to be picked up.
And I packed the trailer...
and I packed the trailer...oh crap, not all of it will fit, even stuffed to the gills.

So, I pack everything I possibly can into it, overflow into the truck bed and end up
leaving a couple of items for a friend to send to me once I get to Pittsburgh.
So much for using the trailer as a camp site....Hotels it is.

Finally the car gets picked up and I get on the road a couple days later after
reshuffling to get everything in. On the road....I'm making reasonable time,
the truck is slow and heavy.

Day two, I reach Salt Lake City, I-80 starts the largest incline up into the mountains.
The truck conks out barely 1/5 of the way up.
While getting the truck towed to a repair shop...the trailer loses a wheel bearing
and comes very close to popping the tire and break assembly completely off.

Turns out, the timing chain I had just had installed...yeah, "just to make sure
nothing would go wrong during the trip"...yeah...that is newer and harder
than the old distributor shaft gear.
Shaft gear more engine more go.

As for the trailer wheel bearing...well, I'm still not sure if that was due to
the tow guy not having a break control unit on his tow truck (seriously? wtf?
why do tow trucks even HAVE fancy multi-position hydraulic hitches if they
aren't set up with basic trailer controls? wtf.), Or if that was just my own
stupidity, since all three of the other "new" wheel bearings needed to be
repacked, too.

Thankfully, after all the delays, extra costs and repairs, I'm still alive and
am almost made it to the half way point.

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